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Understanding Your Foot Pain in Downtown Calgary

The human foot is complex mechanism made up of 33 joints connecting 26 bones, not to mention the vast network of nerves, muscles and connective tissues that allow it to move and experience sensations. Unfortunately, some of those sensations can be less than pleasant. If you suffer from foot pain, including foot pain caused by a soft tissue disorder called plantar fasciitis, then you’re probably looking for the most effective long-term relief you can find, at Bankers Hall Chiropractic, we can provide that relief without using surgery or drugs.

You have heard the term “plantar fasciitis” before without understanding what it meant. Plantar fasciitis is a chronic inflammation of the strong band of connective tissue known as the plantar fascia. This connective tissue extends from the “ball” of the foot to the heel and provides much-needed support for the medial arch of the foot. This is the major arch that allows your foot to balance your body weight evenly and with minimal strain — so when something inflames it, serious foot pain is bound to follow. You may experience foot pain that seems worse when you first stand up in the morning. But any relief you may feel as your foot “warms up” is only temporary, especially if your job requires standing for long hours at a time. Lack of arch support and ill-fitting shoes are common causes or contributing factors; the fact that women are more prone to foot pain than men may be related to the use of high heels and other shoe fashions that place extra strain on the foot.

Some forms of foot pain may actually originate in your spinal column. A herniated disc in the lumbar spine, for instance, can cause sharp pains or “electric chock” sensations radiating down your leg and into your foot, a condition known as sciatica. Excess weight may also prove a factor, not only by placing the feet under more stress than they’re able to take, but also by promoting spinal alignment problems or nerve impingement.

Treatment Options For Fasciitis & Foot Pain in Downtown Calgary

March your aching feet over to Banker Hall Chiropractic in Downtown Calgary today! Our chiropractor can examine your entire musculoskeletal alignment from head to toe to determine whether your posture could be affecting your foot comfort and stamina. If you clearly have a case of plantar fasciitis, we can prescribe orthotic footwear to provide your arches with the right support to counteract the stresses on them, relieving pain and inflammation.

If your foot pain is getting its start higher up, we may be able to relieve sciatica or similar symptoms through skillful, precise chiropractic adjustments. If you need to lose weight or increase muscular support in your spinal column for straighter, more stress-free posture, we can recommend the necessary lifestyle adjustments to help you stand, walk, dance and run without pain once again.

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