Knee Pain

Bending is crucial to many daily activities. Everything from picking up a stray sock off of the floor, to tying your shoelaces. When bending down causes you pain, it can make a real difference in your quality of life. At Bankers Hall Chiropractic, in Calgary, we understand how important the range of motion in your knees can be during even the simplest of motions. If you are experiencing pain in your knees, we are here to help.


Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

As people age, there are many aches and pains which they begin to simply accept as part of the aging process. The problem with this is that sometimes the pain you are feeling is not normal and is unnecessary. You should not simply accept pain and limited mobility as a norm. For many people, freedom from pain and increased mobility can become a reality with the help of chiropractic care.

Traditional medicine offers more medications as a solution for knee pain. In many cases, these medications and their side effects can be worse than the initial condition. There is another option, though. Knee pain can be treated without harsh medications. Chiropractic care is an effective, drug-free, and natural treatment option.

How Can A Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor can help by addressing the underlying problems which are causing your knee pain. This approach differs from traditional medicine, in which a doctor usually treats the symptoms, rather than treating the cause of the pain and inflammation.

Your chiropractor can develop a specific treatment plan which is customized to you and your needs. In many cases, knee pain can be treated through methods such as cold and heat therapy. This approach reduces the inflammation and swelling around the joints and allows the chiropractor to increase the joint’s range of motion. Knee pain is often a cycle of inflammation and disuse, which over time causes the area to become more tender.

Signs That It’s Time to Seek Treatment

Some inflammation will resolve itself with time, however, if your pain and inflammation in your knees have not resolved over time, it could mean you need to seek chiropractic treatment. If you have already begun to change your activities and behaviors based on your pain, that is a serious sign that you should seek professional help. Knee pain will often grow in severity as time progresses. The more the knee hurts, the less you will use it, and the less you use it the more it will hurt. This destructive cycle can end with the help of chiropractic care and without the need for pain medication.

If you would like to learn more about chiropractic care for knee pain or other conditions, call our friendly staff today at (403)-243-0111. Bankers Hall Chiropractic in Calgary can provide long-lasting pain relief without the need for medication or surgery. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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