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Everyone knows that Auto Accidents can lead to very serious injuries but what you might not know is that they can also lead to chronic and systemic conditions, that it left untreated, can become more and more serious over time. Many of these conditions start off as a small pain or ache and become worse over time leading many people to attempt to manage their condition with pain killers or other stop-gaps. But these only serve to hide the symptoms, not treat the underlying condition. Whiplash is perhaps the most well known injury in this category and chiropractic care is ideally suited to treat it and similar chronic pain issues.

Whiplash (cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome) commonly strikes people involved in auto-accidents where a vehicle is struck from behind by another vehicle. When the impetus of the impact forces the struck vehicle to abruptly move forward, occupants of that vehicle are also propelled forward. Since the muscles and ligaments supporting the neck are not given a chance to brace for the impact, the powerful, jerking motion exacted on the neck results in severe tearing of the neck nerves and tissues. Clinical diagnosis of whiplash is facilitated by X-rays, CT and/or MRI scans of the neck that differentiate between true whiplash and other conditions (arthritis, dislocations or spinal fractures, for example).

Common Signs of Whiplash

Since symptoms of whiplash may not emerge immediately after auto-accidents, many accident victims think they have survived an accident unscathed. Instead, the chronic pain and stiffness indicative of whiplash strikes victims a few days after the accident in the form of headaches, fatigue, dizziness and extreme neck stiffness. Additionally, whiplash sufferers often complain of a burning or stinging sensation spreading over the neck and shoulder areas. Sore throat, muscle spasms and difficulty concentrating are other common signs that you may be experiencing whiplash.

Treating Whiplash with Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques in Downtown Calgary

While prescription pain medication and wearing uncomfortable, stabilizing neck collars may provide temporary pain relief from whiplash, chiropractic techniques such as active release therapy (ART) and hot laser therapy offer treatment that addresses the underlying cause of whiplash. Whiplash pain that is merely “masked” by superficial remedies may cause long-term complications, including prolonged pain that interferes with a person’s ability to work and earn a living and periods of chest pain that could be misdiagnosed as a heart disorder. In addition, unrelieved chronic pain often leads to depression, anxiety and somatic disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal complaints, difficulty swallowing) that only exacerbate the original diagnosis of whiplash.

Whiplash Pain Relief without Surgery or Drugs

Realigning spinal vertebrae not only eliminates the severe, chronic pain of whiplash but also provides pain relief for migraines, upper leg pain and herniated discs. Chiropractors strongly urge whiplash victims receive regular chiropractic adjustment and manipulation treatment sessions to further reduce the risk of suffering whiplash complications and to keep all physiological systems operating at peak efficiency. In fact, many pain disorders treated by physicians who over prescribe medications can often be alleviated with chiropractic adjustment and manipulation treatments offered at Bankers Hall Chiropractic.

Hot Laser Therapy for Whiplash

Hot laser therapy uses photon energy existing at specific wavelengths to reach damaged subcutaneous tissue. Photons emitted by a handheld device infiltrate targeted areas to generate activity among tissue cells containing light-sensitive components. Hot laser therapy provides whiplash pain relief by improving cell functioning and utilizing energy necessary to repair torn and inflamed neck and shoulder muscles. Enhancing intracellular metabolism through hot laser therapy also reduces inflammation, swelling and leads to gradual normalization of neck muscles injured in traumatic auto-accidents much faster than with other therapies.

At Bankers Hall Chiropractic in Downtown Calgary, our combined treatment approach ensures that you always receive the most effective blend of treatments to provide optimal results for any condition. If you have been in a traffic accident and are experiencing even minor discomfort contact us today at (403) 243-0111 to find out what we can do for you.

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